You need a certified translation of a certificate, a testimonial or a contract? Then you will find the perfect service here:

As an officially certified translator for the English language, registered with the Oberlandesgericht Dresden, I am authorised to confirm and certify the correctness and completeness of a translation.

When and why do you need a certified translation?

If you submit a document of legal value, such as a certificate or a contract, to a German authority, you will be requested to present a certified / confirmed translation of the document. This is to ensure that the translation is done by a sworn or certified translator.

Certified / Confirmed Translation

In case of a certified or confirmed translation the translator confirms the correctness and completeness of the translation. This happens by applying the certified translator’s stamp and declaration underneath the document.

Certified Translators

Certified translators take an oath before the Court or another competent authority thus being authorized to provide certified document translations. As only duly qualified translators get sworn or officially appointed, the stamp of a certified translator underneath a document is widely recognized as a guarantor of quality.

Important Note

The legal effect of a document is intrinsically bound to the original of the document. The translation of a document cannot replace the original.