Translation is the written transfer of text from the source language into the target language considering cultural context.
In the language combinations of English-German/ German-English I offer translations of general subject texts with a specialisation in the following fields:

  • Chemistry/natural sciences
  • Environmental protection
  • Tourism management
  • Business and finance
  • Culture
  • Marketing
  • Education

All kinds of different text types can be translated, including but not limited to:

  • Certificates
  • Specialist texts
  • Presentations
  • Business reports
  • Business correspondence
  • Contracts


As an officially certified translator for the English language, registered with the Oberlandesgericht Dresden, I am authorised to confirm and certify the correctness and completeness of the translation.

In Germany, the price for a translation is generally calculated on the basis of the standard-line price. A standard line consists of 55 characters (including spaces). The price per standard line depends on the text type, the level of difficulty, the source language, the delivery terms, etc. For certain text types, a fixed price can be arranged. Invoicing for the translation of websites and the proof-reading of texts is based on an hourly fee.

As soon as I receive the complete text to be translated, I will be happy to provide you with a cost estimate.