Contrary to translation, the written form of language transfer, interpretation is the oral transfer of spoken text from the source language into the target language, also considering cultural context.

My service comprises consecutive interpreting as well as interpreting of negotiations and talks in the language combinations English-German and German-English.

Consecutive Interpreting

With consecutive interpreting, the speaker or presenter speaks first and the interpreter follows suit when the speaker has finished speaking or pauses for interpreting.

Interpreting Negotiations and Talks

Interpreting negotiations and talks is a form of consecutive interpreting where shorter passages are orally translated during a talk, conversation or negotiation.


The interpreting service charges are based on half-day or full-day fees. In the case of very short interpreting assignments, invoicing based on an hourly rate, including travel time, is possible.

To submit a quote to you I would need the following information:

  • Date when service is needed
  • Duration of service
  • Specialist field/topic
  • If possible any preparatory material or supplementary information